Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Steal on the radio

Specifically on the Radio 1 Lock up show with Mike Davies.
So recently we went back to the BBC and spent a very plesent day in Maida Vale 4. The resulting live session was broadcast last night at about 2 in the morning. We played 4 tracks on the show (Disconnected, The Angles/Fashionless and Dave gets mad) and also rambled for about 30 minutes to Mike about the album, the Steal, life in general and about the collective noun for a group of hornets (which was unfortunately edited out of the final broadcast). We also recorded Got Ideas which will be played next week.

Check out the Full Broadcast here (this is only available for a week!)

Or hear the edited Steal Interview highlights on the podcast here

Thank you very much to Mike and Radio 1 for letting us come and play. When we were at MV4 I sat on the same stool that Beyonce had sat on a few days previous, imagine that.
Super big thanks to John from the Don Ramos Players who we drafted in to play second guitar and beef up the Steal's sparse normally Salad Based sound.

The Steal Maida Vale Bright Grey Picture
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One for Old times sake

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John Ramos Players looks lonely

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Shirts

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Hello Friends,
I have just updated our big cartel merch page with a new glow in the dark tshirt design. The design is going to be printed to order on the 2nd December and is available to pre-order for 2 weeks until the 1st December. After that the screen will be cleaned and the design wont be reprinted. Rich drew it and I'm going to print it. I'll even throw in a few goodies with the first few orders. The Shirts are white American Apparel shirts in Xs,S,M,L,XL and the print will be a greenish blue and glow in the dark. They will be shipped in time for xmas. They cost £8 + £1 p&p.

I have also put a few extra things up on the merch page like some of the left over bags and shirts from our record release show.

That is all, how are you?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

sexy seeing

yep, we're going on tour! i couldn't be bothered to type these out again so i just nicked them from another source... so if you replace 'The Steal' (that's us) with "Our Time Down Here" then you will have a more accurate picture of what's going on in January.

WHO starts a tour on New years Day? a bunch of fucking idiots that's who... prepare for sounds.

here are those dates, do come along, it's definitely a weird time to tour but we like shooting ourselves in the collective feet.

1 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! Fighting Cocks - Kingston
2 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! King Alf’s - Southampton
3 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! The Cowley Club - Brighton
4 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! The Retro Bar - Manchester
5 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! TBC - Glasgow
6 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! The Star and Shadow Cinema - Newcastle
7 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! TBC - Leeds
8 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! The Cavern - Exeter
9 Jan 2009 20:00
w/ The Steal & Hot Damn! Sigma Bar - Swansea

oh, and direct from Dave's mouth - sadness - "The LP won't be ready for the Lp release show", fucking classic... oh well, you'll just have to do with some ogg vorbis rips of the songs till we do get them out to you, or something.

oh, and we're playing in brighton on sunday the something...28th of september and a bunch of other bands too, including fast point who i picked up their album the other day and it 'rrrrips'.

over. stop asking us to play gigs.

oh, wait...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've got and idea, let's write a song, we'll call it, 'Bright Grey' and you'll sing along.

Friday, September 05, 2008

HYPE 3.0

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Potential for success

If you're as old as 3 quarters of us are and played in a punk band when you were at an age when it was slightly more acceptable then you will have ventured into the wonderful world of demo cassettes... Running around your house utilising every available recording deck to try and get as many done before the gig that night, using the lower quality 'high speed' record function that 9 times out of 10 would fuck up the tape and not actually save you time, having to effectively listen to your badly recorded demo over and over and over again so you knew when to stop the tape until you hate every last second of its poorly played existence, also doubly hating that extra 'secret track' bit you put on at the end because it was funny at the time but actually having to sit there and wait 10 minutes before it even starts is now the opposite of funny, like really not funny at all. Wow, those were the days.
Well we're taking ourselves back to those days... to co-incide with the new record we're putting together something very special with our friend Matt over at Suplex cassettes and you will shortly have something to play in your car, if it's a bit old, or you parents stereo.

WATCH THIS SPACE ----> <------- for more details.


Friday, August 29, 2008


So yeah.

We called that one Breathe In. Which is something you should do... then hold it until the 29th September. Then do the other one...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No brainer

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok ok ok ok....

So there's this -

Yup, we're releasing a new album. Near the end of June we wrote the first song on the album while we were waiting for pavey to turn up to practice... that was the first song to be written. We booked the recording a week later for the end of July, wrote some more songs, had a couple of practices, then headed down to Devon to see Mr. Peter Miles. Whilst in Devon we wrote some more songs, spent 2 days in one room going insane, writing lyrics and fighting hornets. Then we spent 2 days recording everything we'd managed to come up with in the month previous. We then cut some stuff out, made sure there were no gaps and we ended up with our second album 'BRIGHT GREY'. We're all pretty stoked. We've then spent the last few weeks putting together the artwork for the album, with Pavey being the workhorse/focus of insessant emails demanding change, this time around. It got sent off this morning, we'll get it in a months time and then you'll get it in your hands here -

LP Release show: Weds Sep 24th - Bacchus, Kingston

or Pre-order from here -

These are the details of the record -

Released on CD & LP
Vinyl info: First UK press - 300 copies on one sided Clear / Grey "Colour inside a colour" LP

1. The Possibilities are endless
2. Disconnected
3. Dave Gets Mad
4. No Control
5. Fashionless
6. The Angles
7. Repeat
8. Keep Moving Forward
9. Got Ideas
10. Horror Vacui
11. Breathe In
12. Statues
13. Kids With Kids
14. Keep It Simple

We have some other shows coming up soon (check the 'SHOWS' page, duh.) and we will also be heading out on their first UK headline tour in January and will hit Kingston, Guildford, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Exeter & Swansea. Details to be announced soon!

So there. should be fun.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Possibilities are Endless

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get on the Boogie Train


So i've been meaning to put something up about this for ages... as always i've procrastinated to the point of ridiculousness so now i'm going to do it when I should really be going to bed.

ANYWAY. As you might have seen/heard we have a split 7" out with a band called Beat Express. I'm pretty sure most people who are into our band probably thought, "Who the hell are Beat Express?!" and if they bought the 7" put on their side and were surprised to not hear double time and shouting.

Well, i thought it was probably best to explain and give some context to what we've done.

We've effectively done what I consider to be a pretty big first in music history and put out a record with a learning disabled band (Correct me if i'm wrong on this but I couldn't find anything else of it's kind when I researched it). We all thought this was an amazing opportunity to try and do something different and break out of the mould of a typical hardcore split 7" and maybe even try and educate people a little... as racism/sexism/homophobia issues are all well covered within punk rock we thought Disability Rights could have some attention. Especially now.

The way it came about was I started volunteering for a charity called Carousel just under 2 years ago now and through that I started working with Beat Express. At the beginning of 2007 I started playing second guitar and helping facilitate and support the band so they could rehearse, play gigs and do outreach. They're amazing people and a brilliant band. I always thought that they were way more punk than any band that I had been in. I was slowly finding out more and more about what they had to go through to just exist as a band, and this still blows me away. Their sheer love of writing and playing music, and their work ethic is unbelievable. I always wanted to find away to share their music and the things that i've learnt from joining the band.

Beat Express has a history that doesn't exactly follow conventional rock band stories I guess. They formed initially five years ago from a music project run by Carousel. The thing that puts aside Beat Express from a lot of bands is the difficulties they face in just being 'in a band' as 3 out of the 5 members have learning disabilities. This also gives context to their songwriting and the honesty of their lyrics, when Lee, Claire and Chris are screaming, "We Need SPEED!" you might be able to understand that for these guys visceral experiences can be hard to come by, often caught up in a labyrinth of risk assessments and often encountering people that treat them like children. Their songs are about themselves but reach out to their community, talking about their lives and offering a voice that understands them without being patronising or condescending.

If it wasn't enough for these guys to be in a band, writing songs, practicing and playing gigs around the south-east and London, they also work collaboratively with other art-forms and work really hard within their own community, as educators and positive role models. In 2006 they wrote, (in a staggering 24 hours over 12 weeks) the story and 14 songs for a Rock Opera called Debbie Rock Angel. This was a collaboration with learning disabled film makers from Junk TV and Carousel's Dance Company, 'High Spin'. It was performed live to two sell out audiences at the Komedia in Brighton and at several other locations across the south-east of England. The band for the last few years has also run outreach workshops in schools and after-school clubs for people with learning disabilities. Going in, helping groups write their own songs and perform them in front of the rest of the school. Beat Express have also been running a year long OCN accredited music training course, so far extremely successful, this has been an incredibly positive experience for all involved, teachers and students, creating a space where their skills and confidence can grow.

Ok, so i nicked a load of that from a press release i wrote for them, but you get the idea...

They're in a band, they write all their own music, rehearse, play gigs, record themselves, release their own records, go into schools to help kids to write their own songs, run a music training course for people with learning disabilities, educating and acting as positive role models... basically they're amazing.

I can't really say enough good things about them.

So, I hope this clears up a little of the confusion which may have arisen from the split 7". I do hope you enjoy it and I hope if any of this seems interesting to you you might want to do some research . A few starting points -

Self Advocacy
Social Model of Disability

Thank you for reading,

Richard "Telecaster Man" Phoenix.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Updates

Hello friends!
So we have finally got off our arses and released our split 7inch with the band Beat Express. It is £3 from most places and features 2 new tracks from us called "The Score" and "451" and track by Beat Express called "We Need Speed". It comes wrapped up in a sexy 2 colour A2 screenprint designed by longtime Steal friend Wil Exley. You can either buy it straight from us at shows or through our webstore. You can also buy it from the lovely people at Banquet Records in Kingston and also the equally lovely people at the Punker Bunker in Brighton.

As well as the split I have updated the webstore with new stock of the Steal Crest shirts and also the A3 screenprinted poster I produced for The Don Ramos Players Record release show.

On the Summer shows front we have 2 booked, one supporting Fucked Up in Kent on the 3rd July and one in Leeds with The Don Ramos Players (amongst others) on the 18th July.

Whilst trawling the internet I found some pretty good videos of when we played the Punktastic Unscene Release show filmed by Gary Lancaster. Either check them out on his youtube page or you can watch them as embeded files on our media page.

Thanks very much to everyone that made it down to the Against Me! shows as well as the Don Ramos Release show, it was really rad seeing some faces of people I had not seen in over 7 months! Hope to see some people I recognise at the next few shows.

lots of love


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

and, ummm...

This is the band we're releasing our split with -


Check them out, it's good shit for your ears.

NEWS ON RECORDS - we have them. you can't buy them yet though. That gig in Kent might be the release party, who knows? i certainly don't.

Go see Dave in Brooklyn, he'll let you in on the secret.

ur, yep.

We are playing a gig on the 3rd of july at the Tap 'n Tin in Chatham in Kent with Fucked Up, Ghost of a Thousand and Tortuga.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Half Term Holidays RULE!!!

It would appear that for the first time in almost 8 months all of The Steal will be in the same place at the same time.

We've barely seen each other since our last show back in August. Rich works with kids and we all hate the idea of depriving them of his wisdom so that mixed with playing shows with our other bands means 99% of the year we can't play.

However this half term The Steal get together again for 4 shows opening for Against Me!

Mon 14 Apr Bristol Academy 2
Tues 15 Apr Liverpool Academy 2
Wed 16 Apr Sheffield Corporation
Thurs 17 Apr London Garage

It's a real shame we can't book any smaller headline shows but it's so rare that all of us are available at the same time we just have to go with it. Maybe at some point our conflicting work schedules will be more allowing but these are the only shows we're planning to book in the near future!

The Steal

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Woah, woah, woooaaaahhhh!

So another band we love have called it quits... They formed purely out of an idea, just from always going to shows and thinking, "I can do that."
They booked a gig without having a band and went from there... and achieved loads in the process. The nicest bunch of guys (and girl!) you'd have the pleasure of meeting and they always reminded you why you'd chosen to dedicate yourself to a sometimes frankly ridiculous genre of music... FUN!

Ok, it's a massive round of applause, a huge "WOOOOAAAH!" and an even bigger "THESE BATTLES CAN"T BE FOUGHT ALONE!"

yes, Heroic Doses.

P.S. they're all doing shitloads of other stuff, they're not dead it's ok... off the top of my head - Earth Dies Screaming, Small Mercies, toby's zine - The New Wave Of Cut And Paste is one the best in the country right now, hunt it down... uh, plus waaay more. get involved.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Year, New Rear.

I was just wondering why we hadn't done anything for over 6 months... then it hit me.

In tribute our friends in the Mercury League, angular post-crust mimicry.

yeah, yeah, we know... won't be long now, call it a siesta... or a sabbatical maybe. Just on a personal note, I work really hard, I enjoy what I do, I like to challenge myself and as most people that know me well I am typically full of shit. "Ceep Moove ing Frord!"

Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Merch Store

How is everyone?
Good new year?
Great, excellent yeah.
Right, now the niceties are out of the way let's get down to business. In an effort to further provoke discussion and spark controversy I have updated the merch page so that it now runs of a Big Cartel store, this basically makes it really easy to keep track of what we have in stock and speeds up the whole paying process and represents a major technological break through for the Steal. Why not go check out the merch page now to see? I even printed up some new bags with a sexy gold print.

I heard a rumour that we were playing soon, the person that told me seemed fairly adamant about that fact. But then I also spoke to someone who claimed we had definitely broke up and gone off to form electro pop bands. Which do you believe? Which is true? Who knows! Certainly not me.

In other news we were all very sad to hear that The Mercury League have broken up, we played some rad shows together guys and both us and the Uk scene will certainly miss you. On the bright side I saw a very good band last night called Our Time Down Here, you should definitely check them out.