Thursday, September 04, 2008

Potential for success

If you're as old as 3 quarters of us are and played in a punk band when you were at an age when it was slightly more acceptable then you will have ventured into the wonderful world of demo cassettes... Running around your house utilising every available recording deck to try and get as many done before the gig that night, using the lower quality 'high speed' record function that 9 times out of 10 would fuck up the tape and not actually save you time, having to effectively listen to your badly recorded demo over and over and over again so you knew when to stop the tape until you hate every last second of its poorly played existence, also doubly hating that extra 'secret track' bit you put on at the end because it was funny at the time but actually having to sit there and wait 10 minutes before it even starts is now the opposite of funny, like really not funny at all. Wow, those were the days.
Well we're taking ourselves back to those days... to co-incide with the new record we're putting together something very special with our friend Matt over at Suplex cassettes and you will shortly have something to play in your car, if it's a bit old, or you parents stereo.

WATCH THIS SPACE ----> <------- for more details.