Thursday, February 28, 2008

Woah, woah, woooaaaahhhh!

So another band we love have called it quits... They formed purely out of an idea, just from always going to shows and thinking, "I can do that."
They booked a gig without having a band and went from there... and achieved loads in the process. The nicest bunch of guys (and girl!) you'd have the pleasure of meeting and they always reminded you why you'd chosen to dedicate yourself to a sometimes frankly ridiculous genre of music... FUN!

Ok, it's a massive round of applause, a huge "WOOOOAAAH!" and an even bigger "THESE BATTLES CAN"T BE FOUGHT ALONE!"

yes, Heroic Doses.

P.S. they're all doing shitloads of other stuff, they're not dead it's ok... off the top of my head - Earth Dies Screaming, Small Mercies, toby's zine - The New Wave Of Cut And Paste is one the best in the country right now, hunt it down... uh, plus waaay more. get involved.