Saturday, November 15, 2008

Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Shirts

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Hello Friends,
I have just updated our big cartel merch page with a new glow in the dark tshirt design. The design is going to be printed to order on the 2nd December and is available to pre-order for 2 weeks until the 1st December. After that the screen will be cleaned and the design wont be reprinted. Rich drew it and I'm going to print it. I'll even throw in a few goodies with the first few orders. The Shirts are white American Apparel shirts in Xs,S,M,L,XL and the print will be a greenish blue and glow in the dark. They will be shipped in time for xmas. They cost £8 + £1 p&p.

I have also put a few extra things up on the merch page like some of the left over bags and shirts from our record release show.

That is all, how are you?