Wednesday, December 13, 2006


we played a show in southampton in oldschool & andy's giant haunted tudor era house with attack vipers!, chillerton and you me and the atom bomb and then with gainsville folk punk wild stallions defiance ohio in brighton.all these pictures taken by owen richards, king of photography. I'm not joking. he's a supernatural lensman. also check out joe singer of A.V!'s photo page here!


god* bless punk rock

*or whoever, you know

oh hello, here's what you're doing on 26th November..


3 days spent with lifetime and 1 with ad7 was pretty amazing. I kept having to remind myself what was going on. It's so weird to think back to writing some of the songs in my bedroom to actually playing them on a big stage in support of one of our direct influences. Quite surreal. Thanks to everyone who showed up, particularly our friends to wish us well. We appreciate it more than you know. All of the shows were great, even if newport was freezing cold (in plain contrast to the vegan curry we ate there; akin to eating red hot coal briquettes. our lips = burned off...) So then, very good all round really. I did forget to ask Ari about Zero Zero though..


we have sold out of t-shirts, and are currently investigating the possibility of hoodies and/or sweatshits.. it's nearly winter after all.


Lets Just Pretend fanzine is a fucking sweet deal..aesthetically pleasing and is written in a style that says as much about its author as it does about the subject matter. The Cut Ups and Raise The White Flag are in it! Basically, it's well worth your time, so seek it out at any and all costs..


the houseshow in southampton on october 20th should be brilliant.

news-magnum , fact-bullets

In a disappointing case of life imitating art, our friends in Adequate 7 have taken their own advice somewhat too literally and have decided to call it a day. They had this to say on the matter but if you ask me, it was just a question of time when you're dealing with trousers whiter and tighter than any man should wear.
Sartorial speculation aside, we're honoured to be playing some of their last shows in Southampton (5th Oct) and London (30th Sept). It should will be fucking amazing. If they're playing near you, do the right thing and go see them because bands like them don't (and won't) come around very often.


Speaking of fucking amazing, we're astounded that Lifetime asked us to support them on their handful of UK shows. Like the man from Del Monte, we said 'yes'. We can't wait!


Shook Ones are touring here for a couple more days, go see them if you like having a good time. Also make sure to demand a re-enactment of 'grunge night' over and over as I did. They didn't do it, but then the police did catch me redhanded (or 'yellowhanded' if you will) doing a wee on the beach. So perhaps karma really did have its way in the end.


also, this guided tour-cum-documentary of washington dc hardcore's most sacred spots is really interesting. check it out if that kind of thing floats your boat. GO!


oh look, it's 2.28am. goodnight!

lac x

We Jam Econo

if you're interested in DIY/punk rock culture in any way - do yourself a favour and see 'We Jam Econo - The Story of The Minutemen'. Their sound was almost completely out of step (haha) with what their peers were doing at the time and everything they accomplished was on their own terms, without compromise. Truly inspiring. You can buy the documentary on dvd HERE..

video for 'king of the hill'.

the minutemen on wikipedia - check this out for a full history and discography on the band.


SYG Tour - A Journey Through the Photographs of The Dagger

Lock Up

the steal do a session for the lock up!

we slept on dave's floor so as to get an early start on what turned out to be absolutely non-existent bank holiday london traffic.

catalogue posers. it is fair to say that i am fairly excited here.

grand entrance to maida vale four


"_____________" was here

fastidious setting up

commence one take wonderlust

posebreak. note to self - get a fucking haircut

miti did demmamussabebonk.

when in rome

souvenirs, thanks licence-fee payers!


The Steal - Release Info

Hey everyone.

Super stoked to tell all you guys about the first two Steal releases ever.

Firstly a compilation 'Past, Present, Future' - Gravity DIP Records

& The Steal - s/t album - also available throuhg Gravity DIP in the UK.

Past, Present, Future dip010 25 tracks - £2

The much anticipated Gravity DIP sampler has a whopping 25 tracks from past, present and future bands on the label. Features previously unreleased tracks from the likes of Capdown, Tellison, Jacob's Stories, classic favourites from Stapleton, Douglas and Instruction and rarities from Hundred Reasons and Larry Hibbitt's nutigerduo. Plus contributions from new bands such as positive hardcore crew The Steal, rising stars DARTZ! and Hundred Reasons Singles Club 3 winners Orko. Plus a lot more besides!

See the tracklist and buy here

The Steal .. s/t dip027 Pre-order up soon. Finished stock available from us / Gravity DIP end of April .. Shops in June.

Breakout (Available to steam on our page)
Little Dip
World Wide World (Available to steam on our page)
Waiting For The Simple Life
The Steal

Clothing Rack
Stregnth In Community
Living For The Weekend
Up In Smoke
Door To Door
New Friend

Loudest Voices

CD only, LP will be available at some point in the future.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to all the shows recently, we have a few in April that are defiantly worth attending. We also have a 10 " split with Set Your Goals on the horizon to co-incide with the UK tour in June which will include a brand new track and a cover of a well loved late 90s Wakefield punk anthem!

See you at the shows

Silver Drive HC

silver drive HC

recording an album in your house is fun!

first, you have to know pete miles. who knows what he's talking about, but goddamn if he doesnt understand 'cable spaghetti' and has loads of really old expensive equipment.

here he is on the 'traps'.

then, you have to draw up a tracking sheet so you know what you've done and what remains to be done.

this part is important, perhaps THE most important stage of the process so make it count. (crayons and colour-coding optional - but strongly advised)

now record the drums and the bass and the left-hand side guitar simultaeneously. make sure your arms are moving faster than light at all times

...and ensure your leg is cocked at a ridiculous camp angle

fruity theatrical masks are mandatory when you're going to be spending all day doing tough guy gang-vocals in your kitchen

stare blankly at the giant microphone until it's time to bellow like a wounded bear

scowl and make a fist when you are particularly enraged/aroused by the sound of your own voice.

this will make you tired

make sure the nuts to raisins ratio in your oversized yellow bowl is 3:1 and no lower

mix it up nice

when your tracking sheet is completed, it means you have no more parts to record and your album is complete!