Monday, February 26, 2007

Dream kiosks

ello and welcome to yet another incarnation of our website... personally i think this will work the best so far. At least i hope so because i'm not getting embroiled in any more html nightmares... seriously.

We played a couple of gigs this past week, one with Capdown, Howards Alias and The JB Conspiracy at the drinking establishment of the capitals intelligensia, in which we showed off our slick professionalism in all it's glory... we were quizzed afterwards about whether we had just played a show or had performed an art installation. no joke. and honestly i couldn't tell you either way but if somebody wants to submit it to the turner prize, that'd be grand...
We also played in south london at another drinking establishment but one where the clientele may not end up working in positions of extreme power... This was lots of fun and we got to play with the lovely 11IQ or eleven IQ... i have no idea how they would prefer to be known. Here we also sorted out the next few concept albums we have in the pipeline, get your excitement hats on that's all i can say. Thanks to all individuals involved in making these events happen, it is much appreciated.

At these shows we had a load of new shirts and bags for sale produced by the hand of dagger in his underground porn dungeon, i believe he has images and these will be on here soon enough with plenty of details and ordering gubbins... if you don't care what will be displayed on your breast and need one now, now, now... email us here - to get one.

Other, frankly astonishing, news can wait for another time.
Have a nice day!


Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Cowley Club...


Thanks to Tess for the show, it was much fun, way better than the walk from home with all my stuff, that was rubbish.

ok, so next week we're playing with Capdown at the ULU in London... last time i was there i saw Andrew W.K. who was frankly incredible, i was even involved in a stage invasion at some point... i mean who can't love someone whose encore is just 10 minutes of headbanging? nobody, that's who. nobody. so i guess compared to that it'll be a total disappointment. c'est la vie.

Rough mixes have been done to songs, progress is being made, etc, etc...

One request, if anyone reads this thing, is that with the Lightyear 7"/10"/whatever it ends up being... we're going to have a booklet of stories & photos n' that and we're currently trying to gather as many as possible, if you have a lightyear story, remembrance, photographic evidence, whatever, please could you send it to us here -

thank you.

Friday, February 09, 2007

appropriate behaviour.

we are playing our first gig of the year tonight. whoop. It is being looked forward to...

It is at the Cowley Club in Brighton, on London Road and it is with
Astpai (who if are like of any of the other Austrian bands i know will be really tight, have plenty of literature and will show us up for the charlatans we are)
Andy Fiction
and los mendozas
prepare for technical wizardry ahoy-hoy

i'm sure we will see you all there. ok.

Other stuff - we're going to be ripping off someone else's idea soon (yeah i know, us? crazy) i think if i say more i'll curse it. We have a zine we made aaaages ago that might see the light of day at some point in the near future AND we want to play 2 weeks worth of gigs on the east coast of America in the summer and we need help. If you think you can help us please get in contact - the We need transport, equipment and gigs. not much then... haha.

up the punx.