Thursday, May 31, 2007


apparently, 'they' can now predict which songs are going to be solid gold hits and which aren't.

two good bands to listen to are

thee shitty limits


eagle boys.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's nothing...

Don't spend your life worrying...

Let's have a bobble, everybody bobble, let's bobble, bobble, bobble along.

we're playing tomorrow in London at the Underworld with Big D and the Kids Table, i think we're on about 8:30. They're amazing we're under-rehearsed, but holy shit we're going to play at least half of the new album in our 25 minute set. are you ready?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Waiting for the Simple Life...

Hello Everybody,

As some of you have noticed (it took us a while to notice too) a photo from one of our shows is being used to advertise Macbeth shoes on a global scale. As a band we're all pretty unhappy about such a perfect show (and indeed brilliant photo) being used to promote "an image of punk rock" as for us it goes against everything we stand for as a band and things we sing about.

Because of this we feel the need to tell you that we are not endorsed or will ever be endorsed by any clothing / punk rock image related company. The photo was taken by our good friend Owen who did indeed sell it to the Lowlife / Atticus / Macbeth company thinking as it wasn't directly of 'The Steal' and it was someone in the audience wearing Macbeth shoes (who has since thrown them away and in no way agreed to be a poster boy for anyone) that it would be ok. If we'd have known I think we would have matched the offer for the photo but we don't blame him at all...we still love him.

Anyway, point being there's not alot we can do about the photo being used without starting punk rock WW3 as it was sold to Macbeth by one of our friends, and indeed some of the people who work at Macbeth UK are also our friends. However we'd like to state the fact that we have no affiliation with Atticus / Lowlife / Macbeth. The photo was taken when we were playing in someones front room, the height of DIY...the irony is that the photo absolutely captures "an image of punk rock" we just don't support that being used to sell anything, even to punks!


The Steal


Spinoza eh?


In other news...

We've been up to a few things recently... although not THAT much the real world keeps getting in the way.

We had a weekend of fervent activity a week and a bit ago... we played at the cowley club, in brighton on the friday night which was a lot of fun. Pavey even got up to some Eddie Vedder style antics. Then on the saturday we descended upon a practice space in brighton for 9 hours and completed the music for the the 2 records we ARE releasing (yes, i know we've been banging on about these for a while but they're coming, we promise). We did our best despite the efforts of an extremely loud, techy, repetitive, loud, metal band next door trying to multiply the cabin fever by about a trillion. Apparently according to dave it 'sounds good' so far... THEN the sunday we played at the concorde 2, yes, you guessed it, in brighton. With Capdown & the King Blues, Pickled Dick, etc... this was grand, a bit of performing monkey syndrome but fun nonetheless and the King Blues totally blew me away. which was nice.

The US tour is still happening, we now have tickets... haha. I almost crapped myself at the first show we're hopefully playing too... oooo, if it happens it'll be good.

ok... remember kids that photo you saw of the macbeth party the other day wasn't an event created so someone could sell you a lifestyle choice with a pair of shoes... rather a bunch of people who managed to create something out of nothing just with an idea. Also i heard that this is a more accurate representation of an macbeth party... allegedly,