Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ok ok ok ok....

So there's this -

Yup, we're releasing a new album. Near the end of June we wrote the first song on the album while we were waiting for pavey to turn up to practice... that was the first song to be written. We booked the recording a week later for the end of July, wrote some more songs, had a couple of practices, then headed down to Devon to see Mr. Peter Miles. Whilst in Devon we wrote some more songs, spent 2 days in one room going insane, writing lyrics and fighting hornets. Then we spent 2 days recording everything we'd managed to come up with in the month previous. We then cut some stuff out, made sure there were no gaps and we ended up with our second album 'BRIGHT GREY'. We're all pretty stoked. We've then spent the last few weeks putting together the artwork for the album, with Pavey being the workhorse/focus of insessant emails demanding change, this time around. It got sent off this morning, we'll get it in a months time and then you'll get it in your hands here -

LP Release show: Weds Sep 24th - Bacchus, Kingston

or Pre-order from here -

These are the details of the record -

Released on CD & LP
Vinyl info: First UK press - 300 copies on one sided Clear / Grey "Colour inside a colour" LP

1. The Possibilities are endless
2. Disconnected
3. Dave Gets Mad
4. No Control
5. Fashionless
6. The Angles
7. Repeat
8. Keep Moving Forward
9. Got Ideas
10. Horror Vacui
11. Breathe In
12. Statues
13. Kids With Kids
14. Keep It Simple

We have some other shows coming up soon (check the 'SHOWS' page, duh.) and we will also be heading out on their first UK headline tour in January and will hit Kingston, Guildford, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Exeter & Swansea. Details to be announced soon!

So there. should be fun.