Tuesday, January 30, 2007

facts, factoids and information.

thanks to cazz

We've now had 2 whole practices this year so far... wow. We've also begun the recording process for the next 2 releases... In what seems now our customary fashion we bundled into a practice space for a couple of hours with at least half of what we needed (thank you to my housemates who lent us the stuff we forgot) and Dave's new fangled recording machinery to 'lay down' the drums for 5 songs. Despite a touch of red light fever we were pleasantly surprised at how it all turned out. Hopefully we'll have it all done and dusted in a month or so but then again who knows...

We have t-shirts on their way... hooray! We have some gigs coming up and a few other projects have been in discussion, could you ask for more? yes? ok, here you go...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


andy is a good egg and allowed me to waffle on at length, not even drawing the line when i came out with 'perpetual discourse with no action was a bit futile'... . haha. You can get the rest of the fanzine by emailing him at thatsnotskanking@hotmail.com.



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sk8bored kIcKfLiP!

I went skating for the first time in years the other day... it was amazing. It made me feel like i was 16 again but also at time made me realise i'm sadly not 16 anymore, muscles and bones ached to buggery the next day. managed to get a few ollies over the funbox which i was stoked about (god, i sound like someone on t.v. who's 'down with the kids') and fun was had. The point of this rambling though is to say i am very happy that i can now be associated with some good skateboarding at last...

summer promo

this is from the chaps at The Geek Mafia and if you know where that concrete park is let me know, it looks amazing... also do as they say and support your local skater owned shop (they may look intimidating at first but i'm sure they're lovely people.) do it. now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Less fighting, more writing...

We now have some gigs confirmed... go to the word 'SHOWS' up there and 'click' on it with your 'mouse' then use your 'eyes' to 'see' where they are. great!

In other news we had our first practice in absolutely ages on saturday and it went swimmingly. We got loads done despite pissing about for ages and making mark do his face. All this hard work will eventually be channelled into 2 new releases we have planned... A 10" split with The Mercury League and a tribute 7" to Lightyear (if you go to that link, i think it has some of the finest message board fighting i've ever seen... my favourite quote -

"how about i elaborate cumming on your face you little cunt. i'm sure chaz could do a nice big shit in your mouth. if you don't like ska, don't listen to it bitch. i don't go around whinging about poppy american bands or miserable metal bands. i like bein happy and havin a fun time so i listen to ska you fuckin animal. fuck you and your sick ideals cunt features. south london if u want a fight."

Anyway. so they'll coming out soon enough... we're even planning practice #2 as we speak. We have no merch at the moment but i'm sure the hand of dagger will be busying himself soon enough down in his dungeon to produce the finest product for you to buy.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bloody hell this is incredible!

new website? shit.

me? i'm flabbergasted...