Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Silver Drive HC

silver drive HC

recording an album in your house is fun!

first, you have to know pete miles. who knows what he's talking about, but goddamn if he doesnt understand 'cable spaghetti' and has loads of really old expensive equipment.

here he is on the 'traps'.

then, you have to draw up a tracking sheet so you know what you've done and what remains to be done.

this part is important, perhaps THE most important stage of the process so make it count. (crayons and colour-coding optional - but strongly advised)

now record the drums and the bass and the left-hand side guitar simultaeneously. make sure your arms are moving faster than light at all times

...and ensure your leg is cocked at a ridiculous camp angle

fruity theatrical masks are mandatory when you're going to be spending all day doing tough guy gang-vocals in your kitchen

stare blankly at the giant microphone until it's time to bellow like a wounded bear

scowl and make a fist when you are particularly enraged/aroused by the sound of your own voice.

this will make you tired

make sure the nuts to raisins ratio in your oversized yellow bowl is 3:1 and no lower

mix it up nice

when your tracking sheet is completed, it means you have no more parts to record and your album is complete!