Wednesday, December 13, 2006


All the gigs we ever played-

Dec 8 2005 - The Peel, Kingston, UK
Our first show! We are first on supporting Capdown & Boom In The Diamond Industry

Jan 15 2006 - Chinnerys, Southend, UK
The Steal play with Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly & others at Chinnerys

Jan 19 2006 - Cavern, Exeter, UK
The Steal (7 Seconds, Kid Dynamie blah blah) and The Cut Ups (The Lawrence Arms from Exeter)

Jan 24 2006 - The Peel, Kingston -Upon-Thames, UK - flyer
JR Ewing / The Steal / Gallows / Last Kiss @ The Peel

Feb 8 2006 - Bacchus, Kingston, UK
Description: Captain Everything! & The Steal play Bacchus nightclub. 80 capacity.

Mar 3 2006 - Somewhere in Cambridge, UK
The Mercury League, Thinkpol & the steal play Cambridge

Mar 17 2006 - The Roundabout, High Wycombe, UK
You Me & The Atom Bomb / Fuck With Fire

Mar 23 2006 - Exeter, Cavern, UK

Mar 24 2006 - The White Lion, Braunton nr. Barnstaple, UK
w/ Captain Everything!

Mar 25 2006 - The Star, Guildford, UK
Matinee Show w/ Grabass Charlstons & Black Cougar Shock Unit

Apr 11 2006 - The Face Bar, Reading, UK
We support I adapt & another iclandic hc band featuring members of fighting shit.

Apr 12 2006 -Windmill, Brixton, UK
w/ The Cut Ups

Apr 20 2006 - Cavern, Exeter Cavern, UK
w/ THE BOUNCING SOULS!!!! holy shit...even i'm gonna drink beer and wear addidas. This is also the day we get the album back from pressing!!!

Apr 25 2006 - The Garade, London, UK
w/ BOLD, Down To Nothing

Apr 26 2006
- The Plug, Sheffiled, UK
w/ BOLD, Down To Nothing, The Legacy

May 19 2006 - Guildford Youth Centre, UK
w/ FIGHTING SHIT, We played this then headed off into London to play...

May 19 2006 - The Square Social Centre, London, UK
Square Social Centre, 21 Russell Square, London. Starting at 7pm. Door tax is £5. Other bands - You Me And The Atom Bomb, Chillerton & More we're on last i believe with DJ's after until 2pm.

May 29 2006 20:00
- Maida Vale, London, UK
Lock Up Session!!!! HA, Amazing!!!


Jun 15 2006 - London Underworld, UK
w/ SET YOUR GOALS, For Friendship's Sake

Jun 16 2006 - Boom Bar, Hull, UK
w/ SET YOUR GOALS, Chaos Days

Jun 17 2006 - Glebe, Stoke, UK

Jun 18 2006 - Double Top, Northampton, UK
w/ SET YOUR GOALS, Chaos Days

Jun 19 2006 - Old Angel, Nottingham
w/ SET YOUR GOALS, Daggers, Cop Out

Jun 21 2006 - Freebutt, Brighton, UK
w/ SET YOUR GOALS, Abandon Ship also play...Rad

Jun 22 2006 - Le Pub, Newport, UK

Jun 23 2006 - The Furnace, Swindon, UK
w/ Evergreen Terrace / SET YOUR GOALS. The swindon SYG show has been combined with the Evergreen terrace tour

Jun 24 2006 - The Cardigan Arms, Leeds, UK
w/ THE TAKE, It's Broken! headline show while SYG are in come!

Jun 26 2006 - The Peel, Kingston, UK

Jul 2 2006 - Push Bar, Soho, London, UK
w/ Clorox Girls and Crash The Pose. Should be rad. come early, it's tiny and gonna sell out.

Jul 20 2006 - The Spead Eagle, Shorditch, London, UK
w/ Black Tax, Heroic Doses & Chief

Jul 24 2006 - The Charlotte, Leicester, UK

Jul 28 2006 - The Peel, Kingston, UK
w/ GOOD CLEAN FUN, Mike Park

Jul 29 2006 - Mean Fiddler, London, UK
w/ LIGHTYEAR, King Blues

Aug 11 2006 - The Joseph Well, Leeds, UK
Leeds OUT OF SPITE IX Fest weekender..oh yeah!

Aug 28 2006 - The Fenton, Leeds, UK
oh yes...what amp ya got?

Aug 29 2006 - The Peel, Kingston Upon Thames, UK - flyer
w/ PAINT IT BLACK!!! Oh yeah!!!!!

Sep 23 2006 - Cricketers, Sheffield, UK
w/ The Mercury League, You Me & The Atom Bomb, Dauntless Elite, Leif Ericsson, FDK,

Sep 24 2006 - Jabez Clegg, Manchester, UK
w/ The Mercury League, You Me & The Atom Bomb, Dauntless Elite, Leif Ericsson, FDK

Sep 25 2006 - The Engine Rooms, Brighton, UK
w/ Against All Authority

Sep 30 2006 - The Underworld, London, UK
w/ Adequate 7

Oct 5 2006 - Nexus, Southampton, UK
w/ Adequate 7

Oct 6 2006 - Josephs Well, Leeds, UK

Oct 7 2006 - The Mean Fiddler, London, UK
w/ LIFETIME / Gallows

Oct 8 2006 - TJ's, Newport, UK
w/ LIFETIME / Night & The City (amazing)

Oct 20 2006 - houseshow in southampton, UK
w/ymatab, chillerton + attack! vipers! basically, this will be 'off the chain' - its an ex-jets vs sharks brodown, so you should come unless it's sort of secret in which case forget you saw this, alright?

Oct 21 2006
- The Cowley Club, Brighton, UK - flyer
w/ Defiance, Ohio, Julian Tulk, Dave House

Nov 4 2006 - st lukes hall, overton, UK
i can't remember the line up, but it should be the usual overton craziness... (in fact it wasn't, it was terrible.)

Nov 26 2006 - The Face Bar, Reading, UK
w/ fall of efafra, plague mass, eat your crusts. this will be good.

Dec 1 2006 - GYC, Guildford, UK
GYC Endfest 2, w/ Mercury League, Attack Vipers. The re-sheduled first day of the Guildford weekender.

Dec 10 2006 - Concorde 2, Brighton, UK
w/ Propagandhi, Hard Skin, The Briefs, Random Heroes

Dec 11 2006
- The Engine Rooms, Brighton, UK
w/ The Briefs, Hard Skin

Feb 9th 2007 - the cowley club, Brighton, UK
£5 donation
members and guests (you just have to sign in)
with Astpai, Andy Fiction, Los Mendozas

Feb 22nd 2007 - ULU, London, UK
w/ Capdown, Howards Alias, The JB Conspiracy

Feb 24th 2007 - The White Hart, New Cross, South London, UK
w/ 11IQ

March 2nd 2007 - The Lincoln arms, station approach, Dorking, UK
with Heroic Doses and a couple of local bands

March 6th 2007 - The Peel, Kingston, UK
with Comeback Kid

March 31st 2007 - THE HOUSE, Southampton, UK
w/ Gordon Gano's Army, Little Flags (+ more, possibly Mercury League & Attack! Vipers! not sure though...)
Get your dancing shoes on and wear something stupid, it will be fun.

April 4th 2007 the dome, Tufnell Park, London, UK
w/ fast point, the deadswans, cop out, the outpatients, headfirst, jailbait

April 27th 2007 - Cowley Club, Brighton, UK
Between the Lines Fest

April 29th 2007 - Concorde 2, Brighton, UK
w/ Capdown, Pickled Dick + others...

May 25th 2007 - The Underworld, London, UK
w/ Big D & The Kids Table

June 3rd 2007 - The Windmill, Brixton, London, UK
all dayer w/ Dauntless Elite & more TBC & a FREE BBQ!!! come on.

July 7th 2007 - Parmiter's School, Watford, UK
w/ Don Ramos Players + more...

August 7th 2007 - The Peel, Kingston, UK
w/ Set Your Goals / No Trigger / FFS

August 8th 2007 - Engine Rooms, Brighton, UK
w/ Set Your Goals / No Trigger


August 10th 2007 - First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA, USA
Holy Shit, our first ever US gig and it's Armalite's first show in a year and a half... at the first unitarian church. Excited doesn't even come close.

August 11th 2007 - Being Tourists!

August 12th 2007 - Richmond FUN!

August 13th 2007 - 2nd Floor East, Greenwood SC, USA
w/ Landlord, Disaster Stalls
Landlord are from Bloomington, IN. Members of the Door-keys and Defiance, Ohio... Disaster Stalls are from Greenwood, SC. Members of A Nuclear Winter, God N Moses, The Wrex ALSO... two, yes TWO members of the steal celebrate their birthdays today along with John Logie Baird the scottish inventor of the TV. wowzers.

August 14th 2007 - The Spazzatorium, Greenvilee NC, USA

August 15th 2007 - Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park NJ, USA
w/ Dirty Tactics, One Win Choice

August 16th 2007 - NEW YORK NEW YORK fun/hell

August 17th 2007 - Mr. Beerey's, Long Island NY, USA
w/ Small Arms Dealer + more

August 18th 2007 - St Casimirs Hall, Windsor CT, USA
w/ The Fad, Rick Johnson Rock n' Roll Machine + more

August 19th 2007 - Florence VFW, Florence CT, USA
w/ RELICS (Last local show w/ Meghan) THE STEAL (Fast Hardcore/punk) from the UK! BLACKSHIPS (hardcore/punk) from Montreal SHORT ANSWER (ex:Fist Fight)

August 22nd 2007 - The Charleston, Brooklyn NY, USA
w/ organized sports, dynamite arrows, apeshit!

August 29nd 2007 - GYC, Guildford, UK
w/ Dean Dirg, The Shitty Limits, Los Mendozas

March 30th 2008 - Borderline, London, UK
w/ Lots of bands off the punktastic Unscene compilation.

April 14th 2008 - Bristol, UK
w/ Against Me! and Kill Casino

April 15th 2008 - Liverpool, UK
w/ Against Me! and Kill Casino

April 16th 2008 - Sheffield, UK
w/ Against Me! and Kill Casino

April 17th 2008 - London, UK
w/ Against Me! and Kill Casino

April 30th 2008 - The iBar, Bournemouth, UK
w/ The Don Ramos Players, Chillerton, Los Mendozas

July 3rd 2008 - Tap 'n Tin in Chatham, Kent w/ Fucked Up, Ghost of a Thousand and Tortuga.

July 18th 2008 - Leeds w/ Down & Outs, SSS, Cold Ones, Counts Of The Netherworld and the Don Ramos Players.

September 12th 2008 - GYC, Guildford, UK w/ AIM, Serf Combat

September 24th 2008 - Bacchus, Kingston, UK - LP Release Show (with no LP's!)
September 28th 2008 - The Hobgoblin, Brighton, UK - w? ??? ah, can't remember

w/ Our Time Down Here & Hot Damn

1 Jan 2009 The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
2 Jan 2009 The Joiners, Southampton + The Don Ramos Players, Break The Habit
3 Jan 2009 The Cowley Club, Brighton + The Sceptres, Break The Habit
4 Jan 2009 Retro Bar, Manchester + The Shitty Limits, The Sceptres
5 Jan 2009 The 13th Note, Glasgow + Hey Vampires!
6 Jan 2009 The Cooperage, Newcastle + Pure Graft, Rip It Up (-OTDH due to illness... ack)
7 Jan 2009 The Packhorse, Leeds + The Dauntless Elite
8 Jan 2009 The Cavern, Exeter + The Cut Ups
9 Jan 2009 Sigma Bar, Swansea +

September 18th 2009 - The Peel, Kingston, UK
w/ Paint It Black, Ceremony & OTDH @ The Peel
Our last show.