Tuesday, December 12, 2006


We have new shirts... printed by the hand of dagger on No Sweat 100% union made apparel... alright!

They are £9.50 including postage and you want to email the dagger to get your mitts on one.


We have got a few small, medium and large girls vests in these American Apparel tops. They are white with a red front and back print. Apparently Positive Approach is actually a band, Dave bought their 7" recently, and says it's "ok". So I guess it's a split t-shirt. kinda.

Front of female vest
Back of female vest


These shirts are for totally awesome chaps and chapesses and they are white shirts with black print. We only have small or mediums in these left.

Front of male vest


These bags can look equally good in scenarios such as, shopping for your Celtic Frost records at your local independent record shop, or buying some vegetables from the market for that lasagna you're making to impress that Vegan girl or boy, or carrying around a fashion dog... luckily they are only £3.50 including p+p.


awesome bag!