Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Over the Sea and far away...

Right, for once we have a load of actual real useful information to give you. Come on.

Firstly our album, The Steal, is getting released in the United States of America!!! The wonderful chaps at Get Outta Town records are doing this with us and we're stoked that they're into the album enough to put it out over there... so much so that we'd like to collectively hug and kiss them. This is what they had to say about us...

"What would you get if you crossed Kid Dynamite, Descendents and Gorilla Biscuits? The catchiest and most incredible love-child ever, THE STEAL! UK's THE STEAL have taken the traditional forms of melodic punk and hardcore and churned it into something of their own. Packing more hooks than a tackle box into songs less under a minute long, THE STEAL has proven that be it a house show or packed venue, they understand how to keep the spirit of punk and hardcore going strong.
THE STEAL has shared the stage with such bands as Lifetime, Shook Ones, Good Clean Fun, Set Your Goals (with whom they released a split 10") and Paint It Black. Be on the lookout for these dudes to hit US shores for a northeast tour in August 2007! Just when you thought there couldn't be any catchier, faster, and more melodic music...."

...Scooter comes along and saves the day!
Anyway, what can we say Charles? flattery will get you everywhere.

This will be released in time for our second major news announcement...

Our US East Coast tour! Hooray!! As with everything we do, it's all turning out to be quite last minute. We leave next Thursday, the 9th of August and return on the 24th. Holy shit, that's a week away!
What we have so far is on the shows page, and they'll be a few more TBC's confirmed over the next few days.

Other things that should know about is the 2 shows we're playing with Set Your Goals before we head of to the US of A... Next tuesday in Kingston at the Peel, and the wednesday in Brighton at the Engine Rooms. these should be a lot of fun, and it'd be nice to see some friendly faces before we head off into the great unknown of TOUR...
"this is a car park, not a hotel.
this is a packet of crisps, not a meal.
give me my bloody job back.
this is a tour, not a holiday."