Friday, August 31, 2007

The Short Shorts Super Team!

As some of you may have noticed, from the fact that we played a show in the UK a few days ago, WE ARE BACK FROM THE USA!Now that the jet lag has worn off and we are begining to realise just how crappy not touring is as the wave of real life responsability crashes into the steal HQ I thought now would be a good time to say a few words.On the whole our experiences in America were amazingly positive and we are eternally indebted to certain groups of people for taking a bunch of lost brits under their collective wings and treating us like we had known them our whole lives (and not like the unwashed drunks that kept you all up when we stayed at your houses).A few words of thanks here can't really sum up how grateful we all are to the people that helped us when we were 3000 miles away from home, but suffice to say you all made it the best holiday/tour ever and we hope you stay in contact.

Super Duper thanks go to
-Jimmy "Disco" Doyle of the Fad for driving us on the tour and not calling us idiots for booking shows that were 12 hours apart (it didnt look that far on the map!).
-Andy,Josh,Jared and Dan of PIB for sorting us out with a rad show,taking us to kareoke and letting us sleep on your floor (not to mention the 4am pretzels).
-The Richmond Horror Girls for letting us abuse both your flats and being our den mothers (and for putting up with the extra Love Knife members).
-Ken,Ryan and Mellissa for all the fun down in South Carolina as well as the birthday pie for Dave and Rich.
-Kate and the Ashbury Lanes for all the hospitality in New Jersey and for having one of the coolest venues ever.
-The Doyle household for feeding us("But what do you eat if you dont eat meat?"),cleaning us and letting us swim in your pool.
-Missy and Gemma for a memorable night/morning on the streets of New York.
-The Punknews dudes and dudettes for streaming the album and being so much help.
-Stella for a rad night out and an even radder last show.
-Simon for the amazing bbq.
-Andreas for letting us crash on your floor so many times,being such a good friend and a cool dude,Love Knife misses you Bruno.
-All the american kids that came to our shows, sorry to anyone that went to one of the shows we had to pull out of expecting to see us.
-All the promoters for taking a chance on helping us out.
-The Fad for all being cool people and for not getting angry at us stealing their singer away for 2 weeks.
-Charles at Get outta town records for putting out our cd in the usa,sorting us out with so much help and being an amazing dude.
-Pete and Lindsey for lending us so much stuff at such short notice.
-All the people at for sorting out our merch etc.
-All the people that i have no doubt forgotten to name check, sorry my memory is rubbish!

These bands are amazing check them out
The Fad, Dirty Tactics, Small Arms Dealer, Unicorn Basement, Dynamite Arrows, Eat and Run, Paint it black, One win Choice, Sensitive Ghost(sigh), Short Shorts Super Team and the amazing Love Knife.

Much Love - Check out the whole USA tour experience in the Usa Tour zine (on its way in a month or so)

x The Steal