Thursday, October 11, 2007

C to the E, to the R, to the N, hot damn they're fine lookin' men...


My arm is getting better, thanks for asking. Turns out it wasn't broken or even fractured, just very badly bruised... LAME.

So we still haven't sorted out all those releases, haha. If anyone ever asks why we need record labels in the world it's because musicians for the most part like making music (no shit) but dislike the annoying details like sending masters off to the pressing plant for example, or deciding on artwork... Ho Hum. Maybe we should just do a Radiohead.

Anyway, in this age of enlightenment of free stuff to the consumer, thereby building and maintaining the brand, i've stuck up the entirety of our album for CONSTANT STREAMING. whoa. AND AND AND... our Radio One Lock Up Session that only two songs were ever broadcast, in a "Best of British (cleaning out the session closet)" type affair.

This is all to keep you peachy as we go through the slackest period of our existence... bear with us please.

In other news, The Dagger and I went to the line between this world and the next; the cusp of science; the future; through the looking glass; the border between Switzerland and France, last weekend. Holy shit, if we didn't have our minds blown by the end of our tour of the Atlas experiment, then the 30 hour sleep deprivation brought us through the doors for sure.

Right back to our pale imitation of life...