Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rich Gets Fucked

So two fairly big bits of news today.Firstly as some of you might have seen from our myspace blog Richard"RIM"Phoenix has broken his arm skateboarding.The repercussions of this is that we are obviously gonna be out of action as a performing band for the next few months,hopefully we will be playing shows by November depending on how his arm is.We can all take solice in the fact that I have been assured he did it while busting rad air over over a hip.It seems he got over confident tweaking out his nose grab and just got cocky trying to land it in a manual.Yeah thats definitely what happened, its not like he was just carving up a concrete bowl and just fell over for no reason...nope he would never do that.....So anyway what this does allow us to do is actually get organised and finally finish off those pesky records we have been talking about for the last year,hell we might even get them done in time for our two year anniversary.Our side of the The Mercury League Split has been remixed by Dave for the 20th time and last night we re-recorded the vocals for the lightyear release.I have to say both sound pretty sweet, but then im probably biased arent I?