Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hey there,

So we've been pretty quiet on 'The Steal' front of late... We're pretty savvy with this band thing, as my dad always says, "A funny thing happens when you don't promote... nothing." So yeah.
We put out our second record almost a year ago, which is the best thing we've done. Did a tour which was the best/worst tour we've ever done... best - the shows, worst - constant draining illness. Ho hum. Since then you might say we've done a total of fuck all... however you'd be wrong.

Dave wrote, recorded and released his third solo album, "Intersections" went on tour with the amazing Lemuria and has been holding it down in Kingston selling misc. genres and helping the kids dance.

Pavey has been building his DIY printing empire, creating glorious posters, t-shirts and putting on exhibitions (for good causes) with his talented partner in crime in good old Brighton town.

Lindsay has been studying hard and creating a near constant stream of music and noise in London Town. Including the mystical Tough Magic album, which he's giving away for free.

Richard (me, I) released a 7" with the other band I play drums in, Hot Damn. Released an EP with The North Pole, which I play bass & sing in and released a remix of a song luke & I did by the mighty Fall Of Efrafa... all on my housemates & I shambolic label. I've also been painting a whole lot.

So yeah, on top of all that we work and blah, blah, blah... you know, life and things. We're not planning on moving back to our parents' houses anytime soon, that's for sure.
As well as updating you on all that boring shit, we are actually going to be playing some shows! holy crapola. One is with our friends in Paint It Black and the others are with the almighty Dillinger Four. We'll let you know more when we know more. ok? Should be fun.

Uh, yeah i'm pretty bored now... hope you enjoy all the hyperlinks.