Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Garlic Twin Pack / Mr. Feynman

We done tour. It was good. Many thanks to everyone for making all the shows pretty much amazing. If you ever want to know how to put on a show get in contact with any one of the promoters who helped us out, holy crapola they were good.

We were fair to middling, we were ill... we didn't even get the chance to go insane. kinda figures when it's minus 11 and there's no heating anywhere. Summer tours ONLY from now on yeah guys?

I'm sure we'll put up some links to media related internet age business promotion fun times, if you have any 'shots' from any of the 'shows' we love seeing ourselves in the midsts of the high, with everyone along for the ride, so yeah, tell us where to look and we'll look.

Uh, AGAIN, we ARE breaking up... sometime around september. cheersthen.

Basically, THANKS, the tour showed us that punk rock CAN work and there are tons of amazing people out there doing their thing, doing it well and doing it for the fun of it, without any motive for reward or praise. yeah! great stuff...

(not really, they do it for the money, always for the money. the shits.)

Um, our series of 7" is starting in a couple of months by the way... they're all going to be secret. Look for clues.