Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Crowd Killing apparently.

News, news, news...

lots of interesting stuff going on in the world right about now then, we might be on the cusp of something terrible happening, which is worrying... and obviously someone didn't want Barry Gibb's dentures and hairspray littering up the place.
Also in other interesting news, the guardian a couple of weeks ago published an article on 'new dance crazes'... luckily though there's apparently no transatlantic crossover potential of 'Crowd Killing' becoming a hit with the kids in the UK...

"HxC Dancing, The Floor Punch, Crowd Killing
Where: Eastern seaboard
As seen in the music video: AFI The Leaving Song Part 2

Don't really know martial arts? Never actually been in a fight? You shouldn't let this stand in the way of you mastering this pugilistic hardcore punk dance style. A camp, non-contact take on moshing, hardcore dancers stand with feet apart, windmill their fists through the air and high kick imaginary opponents (teachers, ex-girlfriends, dinner ladies), while listening to their favourite Sick Of It All CD. There's plenty of footage out there, although this doozy is quite a treat. The comments, at time of writing, ranged from "did you plan the uniform?" through to "every single one of you guys are losers".

YouTube tags: HxC hardcore, dancing, floor punch, crowd killing
Transatlantic crossover potential: 0/5"


As for us, things are ticking over nicely thank you very much... as ever we have plans, big plans. None of which can be announced as of yet but we're working on it, trust us. Things with all these magazines getting in touch are getting kinda hectic though, we're having to make some big decisions on what direction we're going to take. The pressure to become the leaders of a new genre are surprisingly heavy, i mean we know hardcore can be used to describe 2 quite opposing styles of music but we're still not sure about how it's sounding at the moment, i mean is it too much of a cash in? We're told if we do it we'll have the full backing of some very influential people though and we all know we don't make our own decisions when it comes to taste, we can be easily swayed... one way or another.