Saturday, March 24, 2007

Willie and the Hand Jive

e just got this mail through about the show we did in Dorking a couple of weeks back...

"...hey guys, it's Joey here. This afternoon, after I finished my first (well, technically second) day as a Biffa binman, I went to deliver the money to the Us In A Bus charity office. They were just about to have a trustees meeting and I gave the lady Janet £1460...raised by us, with help from you and Heroic Doses also. It was the money from four shows in total I think. Anyways, I thought you'd like to know and could maybe put something on your site. The website of the charity is . Thanks again for playing. Joey. x"

amazing. If you're in a band, go play Dorking.


The NME stuff is going a bit weird, we got a few emails about the photo shoot and that and we're not sure about how they want to portray us... I think they're trying a play on words with hardcore but we're really not sure about dressing up as builders... hmmm.


If any of you people out there in the internet are Americans, or more specifically Americans based on the East Coast of America, we need help with a hairbrained scheme we had a while back... a tour!

This is what it looks like at the moment -

Aug 11th - NYC - ABC No Rio - Status - BOOKED
Aug 12th - New Jersey - Status - NO IDEA YET
Aug 13th - Philly? - Status - Awaiting Response
Aug 14th - ???
Aug 15th - Washington DC - Status - NO IDEA YET
Aug 16th - Pittsburgh Penn - Status - Awaiting Response
Aug 17th - somewhere in north Penn - Status - NO IDEA YET
Aug 18th - Hartford CT - Festival - Status - BOOKED
Aug 19th - Easthampton Mass - Status - BOOKED
Aug 20th - Boston Mass - Status - NO IDEA YET
Aug 21st - Ithaca - the Abattoir - Status - BOOKED
Aug 22nd - Back to NYC - Status - NO IDEA YET

so we need help with the dates in BOLD can you help? can you? can you? can you?

email us here - and we will lavish you with affection.


that is all. thank you.