Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Cowley Club...


Thanks to Tess for the show, it was much fun, way better than the walk from home with all my stuff, that was rubbish.

ok, so next week we're playing with Capdown at the ULU in London... last time i was there i saw Andrew W.K. who was frankly incredible, i was even involved in a stage invasion at some point... i mean who can't love someone whose encore is just 10 minutes of headbanging? nobody, that's who. nobody. so i guess compared to that it'll be a total disappointment. c'est la vie.

Rough mixes have been done to songs, progress is being made, etc, etc...

One request, if anyone reads this thing, is that with the Lightyear 7"/10"/whatever it ends up being... we're going to have a booklet of stories & photos n' that and we're currently trying to gather as many as possible, if you have a lightyear story, remembrance, photographic evidence, whatever, please could you send it to us here -

thank you.