Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sk8bored kIcKfLiP!

I went skating for the first time in years the other day... it was amazing. It made me feel like i was 16 again but also at time made me realise i'm sadly not 16 anymore, muscles and bones ached to buggery the next day. managed to get a few ollies over the funbox which i was stoked about (god, i sound like someone on t.v. who's 'down with the kids') and fun was had. The point of this rambling though is to say i am very happy that i can now be associated with some good skateboarding at last...

summer promo

this is from the chaps at The Geek Mafia and if you know where that concrete park is let me know, it looks amazing... also do as they say and support your local skater owned shop (they may look intimidating at first but i'm sure they're lovely people.) do it. now.